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Dental Restoration Products and Services in Southern California

Tooth Crown - Dental Service in LA County, CA
Dentures - Dental Service in LA County, CA
Comparing colors of tooth crown  - Dental Service in LA County, CA
At Gough Dental Lab, the satisfaction of patients is our first priority. We provide the best in dental restoration products and services. Our highly qualified technicians have been providing quality work and precision for Dentists since 1980. We are a reliable provider that focuses on getting your work completed and delivered to you in a timely manner.
Ceramic Bridges - Dental Service in LA County, CA

Services We provide

  • Dental Implants
  • E-Max
  • Gold Crowns
  • Digital Dentistry
  • Zirconia Restorations
  • Case Planning and more!

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We provide shipping! Contact us for details on shipping your case to our Gough Dental Lab. For our non-local clients, you may be qualified, depending on location and hours for our daily case pick-up and delivery services! We can provide shipping labels and instructions.